TREZOR Hardware Wallet

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are stored in addresses (Public Keys). These addresses can simply be thought of as online "bank accounts".
  • To send coins from an address, the user needs the private key (the "password") associated with it. The private Key has to be kept secret.
  • Wallets keep track of addresses and reduce all the associated private keys into a single "recovery seed".
  • A Hardware Wallet is a small device containing the user's addresses and the private key known as the "recovery seed" (A list of 24 words).
  • To access the User Interface, the user has to connect the Hardware Wallet to the PC and enter the preset PIN code: trezor wallet pin code
  • Sending coins from addresses is only possible after confirmation by pressing a button on the device.
  • All addresses and received/sent coins are shown in this interface. New addresses are automatically generated when needed.
  • The recovery seed has to be written down on a piece of paper and keep in a safe place. It allows you to recover the information associated to your Hardware Wallet in case you lose it.